More Budget Luxury Hotels

Qbic hotel

Affordable chic is how Qbic hotel describes themselves. This means that the rates start from 59£ per night. It is located in a creative ‘hipster’ neighbourhood in East London. The idea sounds very similar to Ace hotel which opened just a few months ago. However the interiors style (by Blacksheep) is a lot more quirky and fun compared to industrial feel of the Ace.

Qbic hotelThe hotel saves money in self-service. The rooms are compact but the lounge and communal areas are designed for spending more time in eating, working, watching tv or just communal hanging. Critical service points like power showers, quiet rooms and free WiFi are vital for the success of this type of concept .

Environmental awareness is another scoring point for the lifestyle of their customer. An extra service that the hotel offers is being a local expert collaborating with local designers, sourcing food from neighbourhood vendors and supporting interesting East London do-goodnik programs like Bikeworks and Food Cycle.

Qbic hotel

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