New Dishoom – Trendiest Indian Restaurant in London


Dishoom is a modern Indian restaurant concept; A Bombay style Cafe in London owned by Kavi and Shamil Thakrar. It takes inspiration from the old Irani cafes in Mumbai and revive their tradition to London.

The interiors tell fantastically well a very convincing story of a fascinating mixture of Iranian influences with Victorian style references. The end result has so many layers that it feels totally authentic; not a ‘stage design’ with crops from India placed together randomly. The cafe style is understated, not opulent which makes it immediately fresh and trendy.

The spaciousness and high ceilings of the warehouse building let a lot of natural light in, making the space feel very warm and inviting.

What makes the place so unique is the great atmosphere; somehow you feel removed from London to a special place, which is not quite London or Mumbai, but has elements from both.

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