Online Retailer New Showroom is a good example of an online retailer building a physical presence. Online only shopping is obviously not enough for all products. Furniture especially is one of them. shows some interesting ways of combining digital with physical presence.
Product info projections on the walls are a nice way to link ‘digital heritage’ of the online retailer with the physical store

The new showroom in Soho, London is an evidence that is doing well in the extremely competitive furniture business. In order to break into this industry today, the company needs to have a new format that appeals to demanding customers, who have plenty to choose from. has been very successful in finding the right balance between value and price. The products are locally manufactured by the quality conscious makers. The price cut comes from having no warehouses, physical stores (just showrooms) and no middlemen.

The design style of the furniture is mainly British, classic, timeless; often very retro inspired. Many times the shapes are recognisable, and familiar taking inspiration from design classics. In short, they are very safe and timeless design choices for someone, who wants nice and good quality furniture.

iPads in the store for customers is another way to link digital with the brick ‘n mortar. They give more info about the products.

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