New Furniture Retail Concept

Made.comFurniture retail like any other retail industry is going through major transformation due to growing online business. Some adapt to the change better than others. An interesting example of finding a growing niche at the market is What makes it a good case is the clever combination of several trends that the concept has managed to cover. showroom showroom’s is location not on the high street but in an office building is an online business. It is carefully targeted on quality conscious and design led customers, who want something a little bit more individual style, yet they don’t want to pay luxury product prices.

The company has come up several ways to put down the prices, yet not compromise on quality. There is no warehouses, physical stores or middlemen. Instead the furniture is delivered directly from the makers. They manufacture only what is ordered. They claim to save 70% off prices compared to leading retailers. 2Another important factor in building the brand is to use up-and-coming design talent. Working with fresh design talent makes the collection unique. They then find the best craftsmen to build the furniture – often the same people who make products for top high street brands.

The idea of supporting the local maker culture is a vital ingredient in making the brand appealing to it’s target group.


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