Human Condition Collection

Human Condition

An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition was the title for a recent exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. It presented a carefully curated mix of objects from Henry Wellcome’s extraordinary collection in the museum. The exhibition was a fantastic example of how to present a collection in an inspiring and novel way. Continue reading

In the Making

In the Making

Tennis ball off cuts

In the Making at London Design Museum is curated by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby from the critically acclaimed design studio Barber Osgerby. The exhibition is focusing on manufacturing processes revealing the ‘secret life’ of cricket bats, felt hats, shoes, boots, marbles, light bulbs, whistles, pencils, coins, horns, lenses and Olympic torches. Continue reading

Waste Not

Barbican exhibition

A poignant meditation on family life and the artist’s own childhood during the Cultural Revolution.

The installation by Song Dong comprises over 10,000 items collected by Song Dong’s mother, Zhao Xiangyuan, over five decades – ranging from a section of the family home, to metal pots and plastic bowls to blankets, bottle caps, toothpaste tubes and toys. The activity of saving and re-using things is in keeping with the Chinese adage wu jin qi yong – ‘waste not’ – a prerequisite for survival during periods of social and political turmoil”. Continue reading