Indoor & Outdoor Cafe Helsinki

Cafe Birgitta

Indoor and outdoor spaces are blending interestingly together in a new cafe Birgitta at Helsinki seaside. The first thought is that it must be a pop-up restaurant for summer season only, since the location is quite exposed to open sea in front of Helsinki. So it seems impossible to have such an open structure as a permanent facility in this location. 

Cafe Birgitta However, a closer examination reveals that the building is permanent with hidden, sliding glass doors. The structure is flexible allowing partial or total closing parts of the restaurant from the outside.

There is a fireplace and a cosy snug room for keeping warm, when it gets colder. Since the summer in Finland is short, it remains to be seen how the place will survive the winter.

Cafe Birgitta The feeling of being in a pop-up restaurant is enforced by the use of materials like untreated or burned wood, probably inspired by the restaurant’s  charcoal grill.

Raw, unfinished feel suits well with the simple, no nonsense menu. 


Cafe Birgitta

Cafe Birgitta is based on the simple concept and small menu in a scenery location, so it has every chance to succeed. However, as the weather cools  down it remains to be seen, if it will be popular throughout the year.

It is certainly worth a visit to check out new, trendy Finnish architecture and experience the closeness of raw nature in a city.


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