Makers Market in Paris 2016

Makers Market ParisLocal Marker Movements are now quite established in big cities. Recently there was a Maker Movement fair in Paris. It was dominated by DIY and tech, which is different compared to London Maker fairs. They are much more craft driven.

Among exhibitors there was InMoov, which is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot.

Many exhibitors had hacked used electronics, and put them together in a new way e.g. the Imprimator. It is a printer with no ink.

A pen attached, a print launched, the Imprimator is brought to life.  Inspired by the Do It Yourself movement,the machine prints a transformed picture, unpredictable and uncommon. The combination of a computer, a screen and a printer in order to allow the device to interpret with it’s own code the sent message.

Variety of 3D printers and laser cut machines were also self-made or “self-modified”.

On the other hand sustainability was also a popular area of interest. Recycled and upcycled musical instruments like the obilab portable drumkit made out of  cardboard.

The Talacatak organisation also uses recycled materials to make Brazilian musical instruments.

Photos by Katrin Koit. Katrin is designer maker based in Paris, from where she is reporting culture, trends and design news.


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