Co-working Space Opens a Bookstore

Libreria 2016

Libreria is a new, independent bookstore by the popular co-working space Second Home (across the street from the store). Second Home designed by Selgas Cano, who also designed the bookstore, has a very clear brand and profile. It was the first co-working space that really understood how to build their tenant base.

The success of the Second Home is based on very carefully put together mix of art, design and tech companies. The cross-industry pollination creates a very dynamic and lively culture.

Selgas Cano’s architecture and interior design play important part in creating an inviting, home-like environment for Second Home. Their unique use of vibrant colour, transparent materials and friendly shapes are also visible in the bookstore. Those are important elements to balance the tech and digital dominated jobs, that Second Home tenants have.

Equally the bookstore brings about the physicality of the books and intimacy of the space, that ‘Digital Nomads’ desire.

The collection of the books is carefully curated by guest curators. The purpose of the store is to inspire using the delight of discovery. According to Rohan Silva (one of the owners of both Second Home and the store)  ”I really believe that a key to being creative is to be open to ideas from different fields and different domains, and a physical bookshop is fantastic for that”. You might go in looking for a book on physics, but come out with three books of poetry by Seamus Heaney. And that’s the idea, the way it’s been designed—that’s the mission.”

Libreria is very much about the community, like the Second Home, with cultural events calendar. In the store you will be removed from the digital world with no-phone policy. You can loose the sense of time and become immersed in the world of books.



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