Urban Farming Growing Trend

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

According to a recent study by EU rooftop gardens could grow three quarters of city’s vegetables. In recent years urban gardening, agriculture and farming have been growing globally. The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a good example of community garden program that has turned into a vibrant resource for the local community. Continue reading

London Subcultures

ICA London SubcultureFrom 80’s Post-Punk era to present day London Subcultures are presented at ICA‘s major exhibition inside the Selfridges department store in London. The exhibition is made out of specially curated vitrines and  video installations. It covers multi-disciplinary collection of art, fashion, graphics, craft and design. The exhibition captures the period when London underground scene entered into mainstream. Furthermore it is aiming to answer the question of what is the alternative scene of the London counterculture today? Continue reading

Paper at Saatchi Gallery

Paper at Saatchi gallery

Marcelo Jácome’s Planos-Pipas (‘kite-planes’ in the artist’s native Portugese)

As so many times before the Saatchi gallery doesn’t disappoint with the variety and high level of artworks of  44 international young artists in it’s latest exhibition simply called ‘Paper’. The exhibition is an examination into the use of paper as a material and artistic medium. Continue reading