Urban Farming Growing Trend

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

According to a recent study by EU rooftop gardens could grow three quarters of city’s vegetables. In recent years urban gardening, agriculture and farming have been growing globally. The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a good example of community garden program that has turned into a vibrant resource for the local community.

The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden was originally an overgrown, abandoned piece of railway land used as an unofficial landfill site. It received funding from London Development Agency and was finalised in eight month during 2010. Important aspects of the project was to provide opportunities for volunteers and its design and construction offered apprenticeship schemes for local people. It has won awards like Hackney Design Award 2010, Sustain Magazine 2010 Winner – Public Realm, Commended London Planning Awards 2010 – Community Scale Project.

It fantastic to see why this place works so well. It has a busy calender of events, learning and volunteering opportunities. There is also a popular cafe with a Pavilion and Pineapple House with a bread oven. The vibe is extremely chilled and friendly Dalston-like in a bit messy, inviting and relaxing setting. Highly recommended!

Grow your own products, mobile and portable gardening accessories, diy urban farming kits, and soil-analyzing devices are getting more and more common. Furthermore, the trend of revitalising neglected urban areas is more and more apparent. Growing Underground is a great example of this. It is a hydroponic farm being built in a network of tunnels underneath London. The aim is for these cultivations to supply local restaurants and retailers with fresh herbs and vegetables.

Do you know about a great community garden project you want to share?


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