Disobedient Objects of Movements

Disobedient Objects Movements are the sign of the times at the moment. Why are they so timely? Popularity of movements originates from growing influence of bottom-up approach in organisations and ‘power to people’ attitude in society. But movements have long history, and there is an exhibition at the V&A called Disobedient Objects that examines the role of objects in movements for social change.
Disobedient ObjectsThe exhibition design is fantastically interesting. The use of materials and graphics is well tuned to the subject matter. 

Disobedient Objects

The Occupy movements was perhaps the starter of recent growth in movements. Latest example has the the UN’s HeforShe movement. Before the Occupy the most common movements had been about environmental awareness.

Disobedient Objects

The exhibition covers wide variety of objects from all kinds of movements globally. They have even made How-to guides for downloading.

Disobedient ObjectsToday is more easy than ever to start a movement. Through social media they can take off quickly. A small initial action can have great influence on many people.

Social consciousness of people is growing and taking action can be a very desirable route. It is about being part of change in what matters on a personal level.

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