Kitchen Design Trends 2014


In kitchen interiors grey is definitely the new black. All showrooms have a grey kitchen in their collection at the moment. The popularity of grey is easy to understand. It is an understated, timeless colour choice that goes together with all other colours. Furthermore, it is a modest in nature, moving away from popular glossy surfaces. 

SiematicAnother clear departure in materials is the use of much more lively, uneven finishes of growing selection in veneers. This counter trend is another departure from glossiness.

Veneer finishes give a lot of warmth and contrast compared to common solid surfaces. They can make even a dark, small corner kitchen look inviting.

Siematic Another general direction in kitchen planning will be the fact that there will be less space available in the future. Due to urbanisation and smaller family units, the kitchens are going to be a lot smaller.

In the future we will see new ideas for space maximisation and sealing away solutions.


A clear direction in the use of materials is mixing more contrasting materials together. White, matt solid surface looks fantastic together with warm woods. Even the most minimalistic kitchens are rarely totally white.

Kitchen trendsWarm, dark woods (and even black kitchen) were most common during London Design week 2014.

siematicBeautiful craftsmanship can always be seen when opening the cupboards of designer kitchen units. This wood deck marine style is a good example.

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