The Legacy of Louis Khan’s Architecture

Louis Khan

There is a major retrospective exhibition of Louis Khan’s life work at the Design Museum in London. What makes it such an interesting viewing is the relevancy and timelessness of his ideas about modern urban living.

Louis KhanThe exhibition presents a large variety and media of different aspects of Khan’s work starting with drawings and paintings.

Louis Khan

It is intriguing to be able to see glimpses of the thinking behind the work. His interests cover universal ideas; stating from birth of civilisation, ways of living, traditions, and spirituality.

Louis Khan

One of the most interesting things to find in the exhibition are the drawings of city planning. All his ideas are still relevant today.

Above is a fantastic sample of “The Plan of a City is like the Plan of a Home”.  Khan points out how a great city is a harmonious combination of very different kind of spaces with different functions like a great house.

Louis Khan

His approach is very humane, bottom-up starting with an individual and emphasising the communal aspect of planning together to build great urban spaces.

Louis KhanOne can only wish for a pilgrim to see the buildings in real life at least in one of the continents.

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