Material Trends 2014

Self-healing bio concrete
Self-healing bio concrete

Trend selection of new experimental materials presented by SCIN Gallery in London.

Organic and sustainable is probably the most dominating overall trend that is driving materials development at the moment. New organic material sources are emerging e.g. fish and artichoke.

Rapidly growing trend is the use of various composite formats. Very creative combinations of new material sources can be now found at the markets. For example resin or concrete can be made more environmentally friendly by using more sustainable, bio-degradable form of resin. Mixing wood and wool to concrete is another example.

Another method is using wasted materials like cooking oil, which is used to make artichoke bricks. Fish skins used in fish leather is a novel use of waste materials in new material development.

Most fascinating found is an example use of insects as co-partners in a creative process e.g. using silk worm waste streams.

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