Selfridges’ Ocean Campaign Against Plastic Waste

Selfridges Project Ocean

In the next decade, our oceans could hold one kilogram of plastic for every three kilograms of fish. Selfridges’ Project Ocean is a partnership with charity The Zoological Society of London and the Marine Reserves Coalition committed to marine conservation and protecting the world’s oceans.  Continue reading

Women, Fashion, Power – not a multiple choice

Women Fashion Power

Remember this? 80’s was the century of the power dress. Actually, these 80’s power dresses don’t look that dated (but the hair does). Women, Fashion and Power is an exhibition about the use of fashion to define and enhance women’s position in the world.

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Disobedient Objects of Movements

Disobedient Objects Movements are the sign of the times at the moment. Why are they so timely? Popularity of movements originates from growing influence of bottom-up approach in organisations and ‘power to people’ attitude in society. But movements have long history, and there is an exhibition at the V&A called Disobedient Objects that examines the role of objects in movements for social change.
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Community Gardening

Gibbon's Rent Community Garden

Gibbon’s Rent Community Garden

The project aims to raise awareness of this forgotten piece of Southwark and to contribute to the longer-term social and economic improvement of the area. It looks to actively encourage community participation asking local businesses and residents to contribute potted plants to the garden allowing it to grow and evolve, taking on a life of its own past its official launch this summer. Continue reading