Selfridges’ Ocean Campaign Against Plastic Waste

Selfridges Project Ocean

In the next decade, our oceans could hold one kilogram of plastic for every three kilograms of fish. Selfridges’ Project Ocean is a partnership with charity The Zoological Society of London and the Marine Reserves Coalition committed to marine conservation and protecting the world’s oceans. 

Selfridges Project Ocean

The exhibition is placed at the dedicated event area inside the Selfridges department store. The main message is to reduce plastic waste and to facilitate a meaningful behaviour change around the use of plastic.

Selfridges Project Ocean

Yet again Selfridges has managed to organise an extremely timely campaign. Social values are getting stronger and stronger in consumer behaviour, so supporting those values makes sense. The whole exhibition gives a right amount of information in different formats and design merchandise combined with entertainment in form of the Water bar.

Selfridges Project Ocean

It is hard to believe before you actually see the plastic collection in the film how much plastic can be collected very quickly from the sea.

A mock up installation of the vessel used for the plastic collection is part of the exhibition.

Selfridges Project OceanIt is possible to buy artefacts created from the ocean plastic waste made by the makers.


Selfridges Project Ocean

Fundraising will form a critical part of Project Ocean in 2015. With the creation of a new fundraising model, ‘Donate as you Dine’, Selfridges will be fundraising together with its customers and partners to help protect our oceans.

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