Rudeboy Subculture and Style

Rude Boy

Who are Rudeboys? They represent a particular sartorial subculture. According to exhibition at the Somerset house: “Originating from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica in the late 1950s, Rudeboy or Rudie came to represent the young rebels who wore distinctively sharp sartorial styles such as Mohair suits, thin ties and pork pie hats”. 
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From Post Punk to Gothic Kitsch

meadham kirchhoffThe Fashion in Motion show last week at the V&A museum was by the avant garde London based design duo Meadham Kirchhoff. It was as expected a real visual feast of over-the-top fairy tale storytelling and feminine silhouettes. Even though their clothes are not for everyone, what has to be acknowledged is the craftsmanship of materials and elaborate styling details. Continue reading

London Subcultures

ICA London SubcultureFrom 80’s Post-Punk era to present day London Subcultures are presented at ICA‘s major exhibition inside the Selfridges department store in London. The exhibition is made out of specially curated vitrines and  video installations. It covers multi-disciplinary collection of art, fashion, graphics, craft and design. The exhibition captures the period when London underground scene entered into mainstream. Furthermore it is aiming to answer the question of what is the alternative scene of the London counterculture today? Continue reading