From Post Punk to Gothic Kitsch

meadham kirchhoffThe Fashion in Motion show last week at the V&A museum was by the avant garde London based design duo Meadham Kirchhoff. It was as expected a real visual feast of over-the-top fairy tale storytelling and feminine silhouettes. Even though their clothes are not for everyone, what has to be acknowledged is the craftsmanship of materials and elaborate styling details.

Meadham Kirchhoff V&AThe Raphael gallery in the V&A provided a perfect backdrop for the show that was all about drama removing the show from today’s life to an otherworldy setting. Meadham Kirchhoff’s handwriting is like no other and it gives so much inspiration to see how they designed each collection so full heartedly. Everything is full on, nothing looks like a compromise.

Meadham Kirchhoff V&A

There is still a little bit left of the original Punk attitude in the London fashion design scene. A stream of new talent with an unafraid attitude keeps coming up to the surface, inspired by the subcultures and alternative scene. Fashion East is a great platform for this talent. Great examples include Louise Gray.  Sister by Sibling shares this attitude.

What makes the Meadham Kirchhoff’s show so fascinating to watch is the styling and their take on historical, religious references. The combination of accessories and garment textures is breathtaking. Use of colour adds to the drama. Their style is the glam version of the Gothic Kitsch.

Meadham Kirchhoff V&ADespite of the alternative style and cult-like fan followers Meadham Kirchhoff have entered a mainstream with a recent sell out collection at the Top shop.

Meadham Kirchhoff V&AThe models of the show had a very fresh look as they were street casted.


    1. I know! It was just right up your alley. Worth mentioning that the audience was fab too. All ages from young to old. A bit unexpected, but nice to see they have a wide appeal.

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