Sensitive Conformist_Persona MTakala

How to Use Personas for New Normal Design

In the previous posts I talked about How to Use Scenarios for New Normal Innovation and created New Normal design concepts based on these scenarios. Next, I present four new Personas created based on New Normal design concepts.

Image: Four types of New Normal Personas

As a reminder here are the design concepts I  created based on previously presented four scenarios.

Post Pandemic Design MTakala

Personas are useful tools to gain indepth understanding of users life when designing human driven environments, products & services. Here are four Personas created based on new behaviours & motivations of New Normal life after the Pandemic.

Sensitive Conformist is a logical individualistic type. Inspired Connector is logical and collective. Misfit Challenger is individualistic but lets emotions rule decesion making. Frugal Cultivator is both collective and driven by emotions.

New Normal Persona MTala;a

Day-in-a-life is a practical tool often used to get insight into everyday life of Personas. Here are two examples of events during the day for Inspired Connector and Sensitive Conformist.

The examples present summaries for designing different interactions covering Home life, Social life and Work life.

New Normal Persona MTala;a

New Normal Persona MTakala

Next phase is to analyse specific user situations even closer. How might we questions are verbalising new challenges rising from customer frictions.


New NormNew Normal Persona MTakalaal Persona MTala

Finally identifying JTBD (= jobs to be done) guides building new prototypes for testing.

At this point there is going to be far greater understanding & empathy towards different New Normal types of life.




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