Organised Chaos_Design concept MTakala

How to Use Scenarios to Design for New Normal

Scenarios are extremely useful tools for new design concepts. In the previous post I talked about How to Use Scenarios for New Normal Innovation. The next phase for using scenarios is to design concepts that materialise new ideas.

I have created four New Normal design concepts based on previously presented four scenarios. They are Calming Order, Creative Order, Organised Chaos and Creative Chaos.

Image: Four design concepts for New Normal scenarios

Here is the summary of four New Normal Scenarios created by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network. They use two critical uncertainties for differentiation: Y axis = GLOBAL POLITICAL/ ECONOMIC ALIGNMENT and X axis = ADAPTIVE CAPACITY.

Post Pandemic scenarios text

The scenarios are analysed further by adding first DRIVERS and Impact, then VALUE and behaviour changes. The goal is to identify Opportunities and Threats for each scenario.

Next, findings can be summarised into more general THEMES. They are very useful in identifying the character & behaviour of each scenario to create new design concepts.

Post Pandemic Design Thenmes

New design concepts I have created based on previously presented four scenarios are Calming Order, Creative Order, Organised Chaos and Creative Chaos

New Normal Design MTakala

The graph below presents a summary of four New Normal design concepts. Each concept is presented with a short description of Design direction. Human needs are specified to ensure human and planetary driven design outcomes. A short “motto” tells about motivations & intentions for each scenario.

Post Pandemic Design MTakala

Next, more specific ideas can be developed towards concrete design solutions. Here is an example of Creative Order (Clever Together scenario) direction. Work as a ‘remote community’ tells the story of how remote global collaborations can feel engaging.

Post Pandemic Design concept MTakala

In additional phases cross-functional teams can use scenarios to co-create concrete situations for Future Personas living in a specific scenario.

In this way scenarios are ultimate tools to make the future feel present!



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