Lineapelle Trends AW 20/21

Materials & Colour Trends AW 20/21

Main theme for Materials & Colour trends next winter 2020 is going to be a play between real + unreal. All is not what it seems. It becomes impossible to tell anymore what is fake and what is a real precious material.

Image: soft rubber like 3D constructed structure

Upcoming material trends combine technology and craft seamlessly. However, human is still always driving the technology. Materials are both smart and emotive at the same time.

Dominant colour is a very fiery and fairly dark tone of red. It is also close to ‘Handmaid’s Tale red’ which symbolises life and blood.

A strong direction for next winter can be described as a poetic more imaginative use of tech in materials design. That can be seen in dreamlike compositions.

Fluorescent hues take the trend towards more ‘real fake’ direction.

Magical Nature trend is expressed using soft materials and blending colours in more abstract patterns. Powdering effect is about making colours blend together more gradually.

Soft volumes and big padding was a major trend last winter and it is continuing strong to next year in various ways.

Heavy decorated tapestries and velvet continue also from last year to next winter. New velvet patterns are more imaginative and sophisticated.

‘Real fakes’ including colourful fake furs and animal prints will continue strong as well.

All in all seasonality is increasingly disappearing from materials but also colours.

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