Barbican AI exhibition 2019

From Past to Present of Artificial Intelligence

One of the hottest topics at the moment in digital tech has to be Artificial Intelligence. AI: More than Human exhibition at Barbican (London) is showing the evolution of AI from past to present.

Image: Personal Food Computer by Method  is based on MIT OpenAg’s™research. It’s a tabletop-sized, agriculture technology platform that uses sensors and actuators to control and monitor climate, energy, and plant growth.

In general, the exhibition seems to be aimed for people who don’t know much about AI. Starting from historical roots it collects together a very ‘mixed bag’ of examples. (Many of them don’t include any AI)

Some iconic robots are a must see for robot fans and kids.

In my opinion it would have been much better to concentrate into few areas and go more in depth in them e.g. algorithm design ethics.

Barbican AI exhibition 2019

The exhibition design itself is heavily relying in digital design and interactive screens. However, most info screens could as well been on paper. (only one click deep)

Nice combination of both low and high tech was Kreyon City by Sony where you could design your ideal city using Lego bricks.

Interestingly,  the exhibition also revealed the unintelligent state of chatbot development and digital art at the moment. Mitsuku is the world’s best conversational chatbot, but it couldn’t carry on more than very basic conversation with me.

Digital art works were repetitive ‘Photoshop action’ type examples. Most disappointingly the biggest art installation by Teamlab apparently don’t use any AI.

All in all, based on this exhibition the future of AI is still very much “in progress”.




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