Hackney Wick Artist studio

Creative Workspace Design – Artists’ Studios

Last weekend was the annual London Hackney Wicked open studios event. Hackney Wick is one of the largest creative communities in Europe. At the moment artist studios are disappearing fast, since the area is affected by rapid gentrification. Here are some examples of inspirational creative work spaces.

Creativity is said to be one of the most important future work skills. Yet, corporations have done very little to understand how to encourage creativity.

Creative work space is not the same as an open office or a lounge. Instead most of the time it is the opposite: a very intimate and private space.

These artist studios have many common characteristics that could be used to to make corporate environments more creative.


  • Sources of inspiration (mood boards, materials, colours, objects)
  • Visible working process (sketchbooks, drafts, models)
  • Reference materials (books, magazines, records)

Sensorial physicality encourages creativity.


  • Storage
  • Working stations
  • Tools, materials variety
  • Removable, adaptable space

Artist studios can be very small and full of important stuff. So it is vital that everything has its place.



  • Almost all artists prefer to work in a space that has a natural light source, large windows
  • High ceilings are prefered, as they create a sense of a larger space

Sometimes artwork is so large, that it requires a certain more space. (Many artists use the floor as well).


Most importantly every artist creates their own space in reflection to their identity and working style. Therefore, artist studios look always totally unique.

Some artists want to work alone, while others are happy to share their space.

Hackney Wick Artist studio

All images were taken by permission of artists.






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