Memory Place White Cube

Memory Place Exhibition

Art can embody memory. Memory Place is the latest exhibition at the White Cube gallery. It includes more than 90 recent works by over 40 artists reflecting on the forms and themes of memory. 

The exhibition is divided into six categories of different aspects of memory: Historical (at White Cube Mason’s Yard), Autobiographical, Traces, Transcription, Collective and Sensory (at White Cube Bermondsey). This is an excellent idea, and helps the viewer to navigate through such an abstract theme.

Works about Autobiographical memory.

Traces section is about art as memory of the gestures or actions that produced it.

Transcription of memories allows to share them with others.

Memory Place White Cube Formation of Collective memory is created by a group consciousness.

Sensory memory is a short term impression registered through senses without conscious control.

All in all the exhibition is very diverse capturing different aspects of memory. However. the last section called Sensory shows how difficult it is to build a genuine sensorial experiences.

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