Store of Tomorrow by Tom Dixon at London Design Week

Tom Dixon Multiplex 2015London furniture designer Tom Dixon has created a pop up shop called Multiplex for this year’s Design Week. According to Dixon the pop up shop gives a glimpse into the future of retail spaces. It is an immersive and multi-sensory space to explore.

Tom Dixon 2015

According to Dixon “Multiplex brings together design, technology, fashion, film and interiors to explore how the future of retail might look, sound, smell, taste and feel”.

The interiors reflect Dixon’s aesthetics. An additional layer of mystery into the overall mood is created by dim lighting from various sizes and shapes of lighting designed by Dixon.

Tom Dixon 2015In recent years Dixon has grown his home accessories collection. At the Multiplex store these products get a lot of attention.

Scent candles, diffusers, decorative items like tea light holders add sensorial experiences into homes using smell and living light. 

Tom Dixon 2015

The store also includes a food section, where you can buy products from various food suppliers. Dixon has extended his collection also to cooking items.

The latest add to the collection is called Brew, which includes coffee making and serving items for what he calls ‘a coffee ceremony’. All items are made of stainless steel with a high-gloss copper finish.


Tom Dixon 2015
‘Feel Perfume’ from Haeckels created by the Spatial Laboratory

Dixon has collaborated with many different brands trying to build a sensorial space from products to food. That is a very ambitious plan, so full marks for making the effort.

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