Dig – Archaeological Sculpture

In the basement of “Dig” there is a group of statues, who remind of Darwin, linking the work to his theory of evolution.

One of the most talked about site-specific art installations in London at the moment is called simply Dig by sculptor Daniel Silver. It is placed in abandoned, empty site between very busy streets of London. Visiting the site is an experience itself. It is a mystery, an adventure into an unknown. 

Dig 1The work is commissioned by a leading art organisation  called Artangel, who are well known for groundbreaking projects. In a strange way the abandoned site seems a perfect background for the work. It certainly adds drama and a surprise factor.

DSC00213The work itself is a display of an imaginary archeological site.  The sculptures are unrecognisable, undefined body parts from some kind of investigation that has taken place. The clay is sometimes left rough, sometime very marble like.

In the end of the space there is a statue that looks like Sigmund Freud and a patient lying on his famous couch. In a similar way like Freud, Silver is on the journey trying to discover and understand the complicated human psyche.

Like all good art this work challenges the viewer and asks a lot of questions, leaving them open for the spectator’s imagination to uncover some possible answers.

Dig 2

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