New Kit Kemp Hotel

Dorset Sq HotelDorset Square Hotel is the latest edition of the Firmdale Hotels, all designed by Kit Kemp. What makes it different this time, is the smaller size. This intimate townhouse has 38 individually designed rooms. Her distinctive signature style suits extremely well to represent an updated look for the traditional British interior design style.

Dorset Sq hotel
Kemp’s starting point for the design was to use the history of the place for inspiration.  The house is located on the site of Thomas Lord’s first cricket ground. Kit’s decorative style is to use cricket memorabilia as a part of her designs.

DSC00170She has created a fantastic light installation inside the restaurant, which uses quotes and names of the famous players to play messages that are lit up randomly.

Dorset Sq Hotel 1

Compared to her previous work, there was even more intricate detailing in an imaginative use of traditional materials and less emphasis on large art pieces that she has used in bigger hotels.

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