Material Trends London Design Week 2013

Designersblock 2013
On her journeys Xenia Mosley has visited and studied the skills of a wool-spinner, cobbler, boat builder, basket-weaver, and upholsterer and has made an object that combines and celebrates these crafts, and symbolises an on-going journey. Read more about the Journeywoman

Crafting materials, both modern and traditional were strongly presented at this year’s exhibitions. The  Journeywoman is inspired by the European tradition of Journeymen. Designer  Xenia Mosley has been travelling down the River Ouse, East Sussex, in search of the traditional skills, crafts and materials still being practiced in Britain today. Testing various craftspeople’s patience and willingness to share, Xenia turns up on their doorsteps asking for insight into their practice as a modern-day Journeywoman.

100% Design London 2013 3The basic, solid, strong and durable materials like concrete were popular on one end of the material choices. Especially polished concrete has more and more applications on this year’s show.

Julia Lohmann

On the other end the best example of experimental design into new materials was Julia Lohmann’s work, She is the V&A Designer in Residence who is developing new craft techniques to create objects from kelp, thereby exploring its potential as a sustainable alternative to a range of manmade materials. Lohmann’s research is part of her PhD studentship between the Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

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