Fashion Storyteller

Tim Walker photo exhibition London
Tim Walker photo exhibition at the Somerset House in London

Tim Walker is one of the most visually exciting and influential fashion photographers working today. Extravagant in scale and ambition and instantly recognisable for their eye-opening originality, Walker’s photographs dazzle with life, colour and humour. His recent work is drawn from the pages of the world’s leading magazines: British, French, American and Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, W and The New Yorker among many others”.

Why is Storytelling so trendy at the moment? Marketing and branding have adopted the word to communication materials and campaigns, so even a simple text of a new new product release can be labeled as “a story”. Telling a brand story is what is selling now.

However, when applying “properly” the ancient old story format of a longer narrative with a clear start, middle and ending can make a difference. It also includes strong characters, setting a stage and creating drama. Most importantly, we can all relate to a good story, and that is why the story format will always be a winner.

Storytelling can also be seen as an escape from a reality – it is blurring boundaries between reality and fantasy. Augmented reality applications for consumers are not so far distance in the future.

Stories have many layers and side stories. They are “the longer version” compared to reporting of  factual events. However, the attention span of readers today is often said to be short. We are living in an “instant culture”. So how do we explain the popularity of Storytelling?

I think the explanation is in capturing the imagination of the audience. Stories can move us on a different level, relate and change our thinking.

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