Original Punk Graphics

Punk exhibition at Hayward Gallery London
Artefacts include fanzines, posters, records and clothing. The exhibition is curated by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage

“Whether we notice it or not, its increasingly apparent just how far punk graphic aesthetics have informed today’s visual culture”. Hayward Gallery celebrates Punk Graphics exhibition called Someday All the Adults Will Die’: Punk Graphics 1971 – 1984.

Punk graphics Hayward Gallery London
Punk graphics Hayward Gallery London

It is shocking to see how relevant the graphic style seems for today. How well you can trace back style influence in today’s graphics!  It seems that the punk era as a departure from the mainstream and rebelling against authority is fitting into today’s climate with the rise of citizen activism and movements like the Occupy.

However, the difference is that the original punk graphics used new ways of manipulating images with crude DIY techniques to develope a style that was a real departure from the mainstream, where as today’s graphics are superficial imitations.

The raw finishes make the work feel genuine and real, which is refreshing.

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