Edge of Arabia

An art exhibition at the Truman Brewery in East London. “Edge of Arabia was founded by a small collective of artists who met in the mountains of Aseer, Saudi Arabia, in 2003. What began as a border-crossing collaboration, against the backdrop of the last gulf war, is now an established platform which has grown bold through the successful realisation of international projects & the grassroots support for its mission”.

Edge of Arabia
Detail from installation The Cowboy Code by Ahmed Matter

Future Shorts partnered with Edge of Arabia in a unique collaboration bringing an exclusively curated programme of film to the ambitious #COMETOGETHER exhibition held in East London.

“This exhibition is about the complex and diverse reality of 21st Century life in Saudi Arabia, combining installation, performance and a variety of other media with a multi-disciplinary approach to artistic practice. It developed cultural links between Saudi Arabia and the international community, helping to further cultural dialogue between the Middle East and the Western world.”

The exhibition offers a variety of contemporary art including installations, video art, paintings and objects exploring identity. They are a clear departure from traditional decorative art. The group of emerging  artists represent the larger area of the Gulf and Middle East and come from both sexes.

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