New Normal AI MTakala

AI Design for New Normal

What types of new products and services designed with Artificial Intelligence could improve the New Normal life? How can we use future AI technologies in human and planet driven ways?

Image: AI Design concepts for New Normal

I have used previously created design concepts for New Normal as a framework for AI design ideation. They are Calming Order, Creative Order, Organised Chaos and Creative Chaos. These design directions are based on four scenarios describing New Normal life after the pandemic. Each scenario is defined by different trends and behavioural changes.

The graph below presents a summary of four AI design areas for New Normal life. Each area is presented with a short description of Design directionNeeds are specified to ensure human and planetary driven design outcomes.

New Normal AI-MTakala

Four areas for developing new products and services are: Connected Environments, Extended & Mixed reality, Multi UI (User Interface) and Blended Intelligence.

The graph below gives describtions of each design directions, defines the role of AI and more specifically what type of tasks AI is performing. This is just a broad and generic starting point to give a glimpse of the design process. Next phases cover e.g. data sources and collection.

New Normal AI MTakala

Arfefacts are useful tools to visualise and make future solutions feel more real. They can open up the discussion and exploration about alternative solutions in a more practical level.

Here is an example of speculative AI solution for Connected Environments: the Calm Place app navigation tool.

New Normal AI Artefact

Other examples could be a Multi UI personal assistant device, Extended & Mixed reality webinar and Blended Intelligence system designer job ad. Using aretefacts brings the design concepts to life through user journeys and situations.

Thing-Centered Design

The next big opportunity area in design is the design of IoT (Internet of Things) products. According to Delft University of Technology Thing-Centered Design (TCD) is a new way of researching and designing that looks into the creative possibilities of the Internet of Things. As objects around us begin to collect data, it is possible that they may enable designs we could never think of. Thing-Centered Design teaches you how to partner with intelligent things to expand your capabilities and envision new design solutions.

Object Persona method

By generating object personas, designers can look into an object’s life and social context to obtain a better understanding of the object’s ecology and surrounding use practices. The method also stimulates creativity in the design of products and services that are based on those objects’ lives, movements, and transformations. (Initiated by Elisa Giaccardi at Delft University of Technology)


  • Analyse behavioural patterns, temporal routines, and spatial movements of objects and their users.
  • Examine object’s inner life and social relationships.

Below is an example of speculative IoT device for Multi User Interface. It was designed by analysing the inner life and relationships of the Creative AI Assistant (next level of Alexa). Next level assistants will be able to read emotions.

New Normal IoT MTakala





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