Surface Design Show 2020

Material & Colour Trends from Surfice Design Show

This year sustainability continues unsurprisingly to be the dominant theme at the London Surface Design Show. However, the shift from last year is towards more circular economy. New materials are not only more sustainable, but they are manufactured in a way that recycling and reusing is easier.

Image: natural stone colour range by Square & Partners includes marble, onyx, quartzite, slate and limestone.

Waste materials was by far the biggest category in new materials.

Bio design using food waste like coffee has progressed into sophisticated looking finishes. Other organic materials included hemp, hay, herbs and discarded maritime materials.

Recycling paper, plastics and polyester to create new materials is not new, but the finished products look more refined than previously.

Glass foam is a new invention that can be used e.g. aqustic solutions for sound absorbing.

Surface Design Show 2020

Vegan leather is one of the most talked about new materials. How sustainable is it actually? This example uses also sustainable pigments. It is made of fallen Olive leaves.

Material textures & finishes directions go from one extreme polished look to crafty, rough edges. Colour tones are always natural, earthy and warm.

The exhibition was very busy, so it seems there is a growing preassure to find new more innovative materials. Which can only be good news for the future!

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