Lineappelle Trade show 2020

Materials & Colour Trends SS 2021

The key theme for materials and colours in summer 2021 is Simplification. As the world around us is more volatile and unpredictable, we need clarity of materials & colours in products and branding to signal their messages and meanings. Three contrasting directions for materials & colours cover different approaches how to interpret them:

  • In Action is a strong and bold palette – using block of primary colours (reds, yellow, blues)
  • Off-Fluo consists of romantic pastel colours – using washed out neon shades
  • SupernatureĀ is a warm, retro inspired palette – using natural hues of browns, blues and greens with spicy okra and orange

The textile industry is under great preassure to use more sustainable materials, processes and manufacturing. It will be interesting to see in the near future which are going to be the most innovative approaches.

Lineappelle Trade show 2020

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