Adidas Store London

Fashion Brands are Finally Raising Eco Credentials

After years of paying little attention many mainstream fashion brands are finally introducing more green product ranges. Consumer demand and sustainability movements are putting pressure for brands to change direction towards using more ecological materials.

Timberland has just opened the first “purpose-led” flagship store in Europe. According to the brand they have not really used eco credentials in communication before. Which is a good indication how little in the past sustainability has been a sales factor.

Like many new brand stores Timberland is educating customers on the recycled materials and responsible technologies used in the production.

In addition, they use the store to Nature Needs Heroes’ that pledges to plant 50 million trees around the world by 2025 alongside a call to action for people everywhere to join the movement.

New Adidas flagship store on Oxford Street is another example of how to lead the way using sustainability education. In addition, the store is designed with big emphasis in digital experiences e.g. beacons are used throughout the store to geolocate the customer and allow store staff to take the product to them.

The new store is 100% powered by green energy.  It has BREEM certified sustainable materials used throughout e.g. hangers are created from recycled fabrics and plastic.

The mainstream fashion brands like Zara are showing some sustainability initiatives like TRF X Join Life collection.

Zara TRF Join Life

The collection is using recycled plastic bottles and making recyclable polyester. Another collection is using reporposed jeans.

French Connection recycled

French Connection is using recycled cashmere in a new collection.

Many other brands are following the same path applying recycling, repurposing and reselling practises. However, they don’t really remove the core problem of overconsumption or changing shopping behaviour. Instead, there is a big danger of companies looking more like making PR stunts and greenwashing.


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