Samsung Coal Drops Yard

Samsung New London Flagship Store

Samsung has opened a new flagship store in London. According to the brand it is not a shop, but a place for experimenting (with their products). To prove the point, there is no till for paying, instead the space is more like a showroom.

The store is located in the top floor of the award winning Coal Drops Yard shopping mall. The profile of other stores at the mall is smaller independent brands. So it is a clever choice from Samsung to stand out from competition in the very central location at Kings Cross.

Interior is designed around future home layout. Finally Samsung is setting themselves apart from other tech brands store design and following their own design language. The layout makes a lot of sense, since Samsung makes variety of home electronics e.g. smart fridges.

It is a step towards right direction. The store is a destination where people want to spend a lot of time. Seems like interior zoning works well for many vastly different user types.

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