London Design Week 2017

Material and Furniture Trends from London Design Week

Here is a collection of material and furniture trends from this year’s Design week in London. Exhibitions and events were more spread out in the city than ever before.

The London Design week has kept it’s core in craft, products and furniture design. A more recent exhibition location in the Summerset House┬ápresented also big and small brands and industrial product design focus.

London Design week is not really evolving at the moment. Design Junction exhibition which used to be more a ‘designery’ location has lost it’s spark. It was too much spread into different locations.

What used to be called Tent was now London Design Fair. It offered a better visitor experience than before with all in one location.

In the future the Design week needs to pay more attention to visitor experience (talks were not free) and also stronger direction to keep it’s identity.

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