From Selfie to Self Expression at Saatchi Gallery

From Selfie to Self-Expression

Saatchi gallery presents the world’s first exhibition about history of the selfie. It is an interactive experience highlighting the emerging role of the mobile phone as an artistic medium.

Selfie art is a challenging topic for an exhibition, especially when approaching it from a historical point of view which makes it a very broad concept. The idea of artists taking pictures or before that painting self portraits is an old one. So, what is new here? The answer is a bit unclear. I think it would have been better to concentrate on the digital selfie only as a new form of self expression.

The best parts of the exhibition are the interactive ones, where you can vote with your likes and try on filters on yourself.

I am never been a massive fan of self obsessive aspect of taking selfies. However, this exhibition left me with a very positive vibe. Taking selfies has become normal part of our lives. Self documenting is a positive act of celebrating human spirit, leaving your mark for yourself and for the digital universe.

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