Helsinki Furniture Fair Habitare First Look

Avarte Habitare 2016
Yrjö Kukkapuro’s classic rocking chair (1985) by Avarte Group

Habitare is the largest Interior and Furniture fair in Finland. The event has been around since 1970’s. It gives a comprehensive view on the Finnish and Nordic design at the moment.

All in all Habitare fair gave an impression of well thought through and curated stands. The exhibition spaces had a spacious feeling, which benefited the displays making individual furniture pieces stand out nicely. Compared to many major exhibitions that are dense and grounded, this was a nice change in scenery.

Nordic design has become more expressive during the last couple of years – moving away from minimalism to using more colours, expressive forms and textures.

You won’t necessarily find the latest trends applied here, instead design has always a timeless quality and a retro feel.


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