Furniture Trends Overview

Heals 2016

Here is a quick recap and an overview of major furniture trends that have come across this year’s collections before new launches in the fall. The selection is from high street retailers, John Lewis, Habitat, Heal’s and Dwell.

Furniture trends don’t change fast, instead they often evolve slowly during several years. One of the biggest changes at the markets is that the size of the furniture is finally going noticeably down after many years of talk about decreasing size of space. This applies to all categories from sofas and arm chairs to tables and desks.

The smaller furniture is easily movable and often multi-use. Small side tables and multi-use stools are practical and affordable.

Colours and materials are warm and soft. Every brand has a velvet option. Metallics are moving from dark silver and copper to rose gold.

New Autumn collections will soon show how these trends evolve.


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