Dark Colours for Summer 2016

Lineapelle SS2016

Lineapelle is an biannual Italian leather fair for accessories, shoes, bags, fashion and furniture design. It presents a selection of high quality leathers aimed for niche markets. Therefore it is a directional and future oriented, working ahead of the mass markets.

The collection is for Summer 2016. One of the main trends in colours is dark, nocturnal shades with strong, vibrant colours. In contrast, another colour palette is very pale and fresh.

The colours always reflect what is happening in society, so we can predict that the gloom is persisting and not quite yet lifted in 2016. Instead, the uncertain and darker times seem to continue. Further the contrast between very dark and very light themes tell the story of the widening gap of wealth emphasising the differences rather than similarities.

The variety of different finishes and treatments of leather is fantastic. The range of finishes is from glossy, pearl to matt. New treatments include oiled and waxed leather.

Partial colour shading is going to be the trendies option.

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