Selfridges Celebrate Bright Old Things

Bright Old ThingsSelfridges department store, London has a new campaign called Bright Old Things, which celebrates the ‘second career’ in retirement of 14 inspiring individuals. Normally the Selfridges has been running a campaign called Bright Young Things to promote emerging talent, so instead of young they are supporting mature artists and questioning the retirement age.

Bright Old Things

In the media there has recently been a lot of talk about the Babyboomers approaching the retirement age, and not accepting the sedative lifestyle what normally follows. Instead, staying active and in more and more cases keep working is the preferred choice.

Is our attitude towards aging becoming more positive? There have been a few noticeable fashion campaigns profiling famous women in their 60’s (Celine, Saint Laurent), so the brands are catching up with this better off customer group.

Bright Old Things Roger Miles is a good example of someone who had a total career change. He was an accountant for over 30 years before taking a fine arts degree.

Mature students with more life experience could be great resource for the universities in the future.

Bright Old Things

The campaign design is a collaboration with the fantastic Todd Selbywho is award winning photographer, illustrator and director. Selby created serious portraits and interviews with the artists.

Bright Old Things

The campaign presents exclusive art pieces, home and fashion accessories designed by the Bright Old Things. In addition check out the fantastic window displays.


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