Gilbert & George Art for All

Gilbert & George

Nothing escapes the observant eyes of London artist couple Gilbert & George. The couple’s humorous and witty exploration into their neighbourhood of East London has resulted into over 60 pieces of new, utterly original art at Bermondsey White Cube gallery.

Gilbert & George

Gilbert and George met as students at Central Saint Martins college of art, and have been together since that (40+ years). Their technique of photo collaging has been a major influence for many since it started well before computers and Photoshop. The laborious process of cut & paste was initially done with the help of a copy machine.

Gilbert & GeorgeThere is always profound thinking behind Gilbert and George’s work. They call themselves as ‘Living Sculptures’ being always part of the imagery, since it is their world, their neighbourhood that is presented in the work.

The work is commenting on the changes in the neighbourhood, the atmosphere and morality by taking snapshots of the back streets and alleys. They are viewing the modern world not as a style but as a principle.

Gilbert & George Our reason for making pictures is to change people and not to congratulate them on being how they are.


Gilbert & George

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