Prada Real Fantasies

Prada’s video lookbook ss13 is directed by AMO, OMA’s research studio. “While OMA remains dedicated to the realization of buildings and masterplans, AMO operates in areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, including media, politics, sociology, renewable energy, technology, fashion, curating, publishing, and graphic design. AMO often works in parallel with OMA’s clients to fertilize architecture with intelligence from this array of disciplines”.
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Isa Genzken Art Collages

Isa GenzkenIsa Genzken1
Isa Genzken, the German artist, is inspired by the stark severity of modernist architecture and the chaotic energy of the city, just as much as by art history, the aesthetics of the great American artists of the Sixties and pop culture, Isa Genzken’s work is continuously looking around itself, translating into three-dimensional form the way that art, architecture, design and media affects the experience of urban life. Genzken’s totemic columns, pedestal works and collages combine disparate aspects from her many sources in seemingly nonsensical, yet harmonious sculptural compilations”. Continue reading