Form Through Colour

Form through colour
“Door” carpets by Gary Hume

Rug and fabric company Christopher Farr have collaborated with artist Gary Hume and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation to offer new limited edition of hand crafted rugs. The collection is exhibited at Somerset House in London. 

Anni AlbersAnni Albers is one of the most influential textile designers of all times. Her groundbreaking techniques and use of colours and patterns were based on Bauhaus principles.

The exhibition presents her most iconic designs produced as new carpets.

One of the biggest influences of her career came from Latin America, which geometric style inspired her work.

Anni Albers

Anni Albers’ strong signature style works well in every scale. The exhibition shows also samples of her graphic design work.

Josef Albers is perhaps the best known colour expert and theorist. Following Bauhaus school of thoughts his teaching about colour theory was first of it’s kind. The exhibition presents carpets made out of Josef Albers’ colour theory experiments on interaction of colour.

Gary HumeArtist Gary Hume became known originally from his door paintings, that were bought by Charles Saatchi in the 80’s. The colourful paintings have now being transformed into hand-crafted carpets. The so called “low relief” of the door details was on the biggest challenges to overcome in transforming the paintings into rugs according to Christopher Farr.


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