Trendy Tallinn

Restaurant in Kalamaja, Tallinn

Tallinn is getting trendier as new up-and-coming areas get a boost of design shops and trendy restaurants. A new aesthetics is emerging which is an understated, interesting mix of both Slavic and Nordic styles. Perhaps surprisingly more Nordic than anticipated.

Bar & concept store in Kalamaja

Kalamaja is the area next to the old town that is experiencing a new boost of energy with designer shops and restaurants emerging into the neighbourhood. It has a bohemian vibe with beautiful, large wooden houses that have lots of decorative original woodwork details.

DSC02980Kalamaja is sought after living area but it also has more to offer. There are stores of small, independent labels mainly fashion, interiors and wellness products.


TallinnTallinn has always been famous for crafts. There also seemed to be a new wave of Designer makers with fresh craft and embroidery products that had a more simplified and modern pattern language and color palettes.

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