Local History and Meaning

Open House London, locality
Architecture studio that used to be a mosque, East London

New architecture has to take more and more into account the history of the place as a starting point of design. Sometimes like in East London the history can be extremely rich with multiple layers combining an unusual mixture of cultural traditions and roots. In the Western world we have become more sensitive towards local history and reserving traditions that link the future to the past. As the world is getting more disruptive, this is reassuring.

People are less willing to accept new without understanding the meaning of it. If something looks new, but totally out of place to the environment it can be rejected. There is a sense on re-enforcing continuity in the West, that is belongs to Post Postmodernism era.

Open House London3 The interior of this former mosque has been kept very simple and minimal. Outside it is possible to detect the familiar pointed, onion shaped domes in the graffiti covered facade.

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