East London Graffiti tours

Graffiti London1

London Street Art Tours and Graffiti Tours. “We’ll show you how street and graffiti art has evolved, showing you everything from an early Banksy piece, to work from heavyweights like Shephard Fairey, Space Invader and Roa, and the latest work from emerging street artists. We’ll also swing by a series of street art galleries to show you how street art is shaking up fine art on a global scale”.

Graffiti London4

Exploring neighbourhoods and more distant local communities is getting popular entertainment. With the help of GPS it is easy to navigate, familiarise local areas and find out about new local indy stores, galleries and entertainment spots. Graffiti tours are great, because the work never stays the same. It is fascinating to follow urban storytelling and co-creation.

Graffiti-London3Graffiti-London East

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