Freedom of Assembly Art

Theaster Gates Freedom of AssemblyNew exhibition at the White Cube Bermondsey gallery by American artist Theaster Gates is called Freedom of Assembly. Although at first the work appears quite dark and minimalistic, the experience going through the gallery becomes empowering and positive – in the end it is about freedom to express.  Continue reading

Discovering Pangaean Art

Saatchi Gallery Pangea

Giant ants by Colombian artist Rafael Gómezbarros

Where is Pangaea? Actually it covers the combined area of South America and Africa during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming approximately 300 million years ago. The new exhibition showing contemporary art from South America and Africa at the Saatchi gallery is named after it. Continue reading

Transcendent Form

Kevin Francis Gray

Ballerina & Boy by Kevin Francis Gray. It was hand-carved over a 10-month period by artisans in Italy

New work from Kevin Francis Gray is been exhibited at the Pace Gallery in London. It has taken him two years to create the sculptures. According to the artist his background in Northern Ireland has something to do with the dark theme and haunted nature of his work. The exhibition is about the complex relationship between abstraction and figuration. Continue reading

Emerging Art Scene London

New Sensations Saatchi

New Sensations by Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4 supports the most imaginative and talented young artists. Mixed media installation by Lee Holden

October is a very busy month at the London art scene. The biggest and most talked about event is the Frieze Art Fair, which is steadily growing and gaining status as the most important contemporary art event of the year. However there is a growing number of smaller fringe events that are also getting more popular and interesting. Continue reading

Dig – Archaeological Sculpture


In the basement of “Dig” there is a group of statues, who remind of Darwin, linking the work to his theory of evolution.

One of the most talked about site-specific art installations in London at the moment is called simply Dig by sculptor Daniel Silver. It is placed in abandoned, empty site between very busy streets of London. Visiting the site is an experience itself. It is a mystery, an adventure into an unknown.  Continue reading

First Zaha Hadid Building in London

Zaha Hadid SerpentineSerpentine Sackler Gallery is the first building designed by Zaha Hadid in central London. It is an extension and renovation of The Magazine, a former 1805 gunpowder store close to Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. It occupies  900 square metres of new gallery, restaurant and social space. As always, Hadid’s work is dividing the opinion. Some love it, some hate it. But it is worth visiting even only to see the amazing exhibition by Adrián Villar Rojas. Continue reading