Abstract Waste by Emily Hatton

Sustainable Material Trends

After two year’s pandemic break visiting the Surface Design trade show in London was a great comeback, since it is vital to be able to touch and feel new materials in real life.

Image: Abstract Waste by Emily Hatton

SUSTAINABILITY is the key driver in material development, so all selected materials and trends presented below are sustainably produced.


Bio-materials are an emerging trend. They can be made of variety of sources and combinations including organic materials, organic and man-made waste, and surplus.


Raw finish styles produce individual unique outcomes with emphasis of feeling closeness to nature. Hand applied techniques create luxury matte finishes and minimise environmental impact.

3D printing and knitting glass fibers give more freedom to form new shapes and create new hybrid material combinations. E.g. melted glass is a dynamic material.

Experimental Materials

CyanoFabbrica by Cinzia Ferrari aims at harnessing cyanobacteria’s intrinsic ability to biomineralize for the design of novel biofabrication strategies.

Turning waste into a new raw material. How to combine waste borosilicate glass into ceramics by Attua Aparicio.


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